New Eyes – part 1

26 Jan

Today I was browsing through Facebook on a break and I noticed that a dear friend of mine had one of his books on Amazon for free download until Sunday so I thought okay I’ll check it out.

So I download the book.

The book is called What Would Satan Do? The Devil’s Theology by R.P.Nettlehorst.

R. P. is an author and theologian from California. He’s a sweet guy, who gave me my first opportunity at blogging.

He’s a fan of and follows the blog of a friend of my husband named Sarah Hoyt. Sarah is an award winning author of science fiction. After I wrote my book Woundedas a favor to my husband she wrote a post asking for those people out there who also had blogs to invite me to do a guest blog (blog, blog, blog, just thought I would say it a few more times) to help promote my book.

Not only did R.P. help me out by offering me an opportunity to do the guest blog, but he also read my book and wrote a review for it, which he also very sweetly put up on Amazon as well. I couldn’t thank him enough.

All this to say when I got a chance to read one of his books for free I jumped on it.

After reading the first few grafs (Editors’ note: She picked up that usage from her husband. “Graf” means paragraph, not German count) of the book I was hooked. It is a rather interesting, yet biblical, perspective on Satan and how we have characterized him.

After reading just the first couple chapters (and I’m not finished yet) I am beginning to get Satan isn’t really who we’ve made him out to be.

You see, to some degree we’ve idolize him. We made him out to be this great big red guy with horns, a pitchfork and a pointy tail. Our Hollywood stylized version of him has red piercing eyes and millions of black minions everywhere surrounding him as he sits on his throne in Hell enjoying the torment of those around him..

We make him out to be another ruler, the anti-god. He’s not.

In fact, he’s much more like us than we care to realize.

Since R.P. wrote the book and he’s a much better writer than I, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of his book, (it’s free until Sunday Jan. 27, 2013) if you’re interested in more. It’s really good.

But it got me to thinking, like I said before, about my own faith and how I view not only my Christian walk, but how I view God.

I’ve been a Christian since I was 9 years old which puts me on the saved list for about 35 years, but I haven’t walked in my faith the entire time. In fact, as some of us were talking today at work, if I had to answer for my sin there is no way I could talk to you about Jesus. It’s because of my past I realize how dear the grace I have received is.

But I can say, in the last 23 years, I have — for the most part — (with a bump in the road about 15 years ago) lived out my faith, walked it strongly and grown in the Lord. But that bump in the road was a long one, about three years and it’s all because I still didn’t have a clear understanding of who God is.

As much as I would like to sit here and proclaim that the moment I accept Jesus as a child, my life was directly in line with the Lord, it hasn’t been. If you read the first chapter of Wounded you can see why.

I was hurt by the church, by my family and by a kid who thought molesting me was “experimentation.” I chose to become what people thought of me. I used drugs, alcohol, ran away from home, and worst of all I was incredibly promiscuous. It almost makes me sick to say it.

When I finally realized how much God loved me and wanted me back it brought me to my knees in a hospital room after just having a C-section. You would think after all of that, I would get it.

But I didn’t.

Because I didn’t when I went through a divorce with my children’s father I went right back to the place I had been before. I didn’t use drugs this time and I wasn’t “as” promiscuous, but I went back to the same place because I believed God was mad at me and I didn’t deserve His grace. I didn’t deserve it because I was going through with the divorce no matter what.

You see, even though I understood my salvation and God’s love had nothing and I mean nothing to do with anything I could do, it was all about what Jesus did for me on the cross. I still in the back of my mind thought I still had to follow the rules.

Wrong doesn’t even come close to encompassing how dumb that thought is and sadly it’s one most Christians carry.

See you on the flip side. Christ-like Peace Out!

(part two at 3 p.m. central time)

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